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Wiring of fixed scissor table lift

Here is the wiring of fixed scissor table lift. Please read this instruction carefully first before working.

Power line: put power line into distribution box, and connect line above circuit breaker inside the box. Connect neutral line to the distribution box neutral line position if needed, and line type is 2.5-4 mm2.
Motor wire: draw wires from distribution box and overhead switch separately, and put them to terminals in connection box. Tighten the fixing screws, and wire model is as above.
Max limit: the maximum value the platform lift up to. Connect two wires about 0.75 to normally closed contacts within limit switch and the other end to limit switch terminals in distribution box (as marked inside the box).

Solenoid valve: connect two wires about 0.75 from solenoid valve of pumping station to related terminals marked in the distribution box.

Limit switch fixing: fixing switch is after connecting wires. Lift platforms up to the right height, and position the trip. Put switch on channel steel track of base, the front of pulley. Switch contact needs to contact the pulleys and do on-off action when the platform reached desired height. Drilling and fixing it by screws after correct positioning.

Note: only buttons are fixed on site, others fixed on upper platform have been connected before leaving factory.

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