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ELECTRIC WINCHes are divided into manual winch and electric winch. Electric winch is composed of electric hoist motor, coupling, brake, gear box and drum, it installed on the frame together. The performance of speed control is good, the empty hook can rapidly go up and down. Winch is composed of reducer, drum, pulley, commonly planet room, bearing frame, main shaft, brake and the base, etc. It still needs to match level 4 power motor at low speed.

Winch is a kind of electric hoist, it has some advantages: small volume, light weight, flexible operation, durable equipment. The machine widely used in building, bridge, metallurgy, mining, etc. the machine widely used for material lifting and large projects, it can drag the equipment of various materials on slopes or the ground.

Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. has various types equipment, which are equipped with production capacity of large heavy lifting machinery, our company are good at undertaking the manufacture and production of various specification winches.


electric-winch manual-winch
electric-winch manual-winch 


JK series winches adopt four-shaft variable transmission and mechanical electrical integration system design. They are mainly used to lift building materials, components and equipment in construction and installation process, and to hoist goods in mines, wharf, bridge, warehouse, etc.

JK series winches specification

Lifting capacity(T) 0.75-2
Diameter of steel wire rope(mm) 11-16
Speed of rope(m/min) 28-40
Rope capacity(m) 118-180
Motor power(kw) 4.5-7.5
Weight(kg) 240-380
Shape size(mm) Length: 1080-1480
Width: 400-490
Height: 480-630

JM series winches appropriate for winching, loading and dragging heavy stuff, especially the installation and removal of large and medium concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment in construction installation, mine and factories.

JM series winches specification

Hauling load(kn) 10-80
Rated speed(m/min) 8-16
Rope capacity(m) 100-350
Diameter of steel wire rope(mm) 9.3-26
Motor power(kw) 3-13


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