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JK - type winch is a new kind of hoist, that is an ideal equipment instead of traditional hoist. It has compact structure, stable running, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low noise, long service life, etc. Winch is widely used in building construction, docks, lifting and installation of Bridges, metallurgical and other industries. Comply with the national GB/T10055-1996 construction lifter safety rules and the state industry standard JGJ88-92 safety technical specification requirements.

The winch adopts one word decorate, namely, motor, reducer, brake, drum has been online, than traditional hoist more simple, easy to install.

The winch adopts circular gears transmission, improve the efficacy of utilization, reduction gear are more compact and reasonable. Gear using 45 steel, precision machining, the use of ductile iron gear than traditional hoist live longer, stronger ability to resist damage.

The machine adopts mechanical and electrical integration of the inner cone type braking device, as long as the motor work, brake automatically separation; Motor to stop, brake immediately closed braking effect, and the braking device of the unit is located in the machine interior, avoided because of the sewage, sediment, oil and other debris caused by the intrusion of sliding, the brake to achieve the performance of a sensitive and reliable.

The machine adopts electronic control device, does not need workers sit pavilion operation of machine, can choose the electric control device installed in the line of sight is good and safe operation, especially in narrow or close operation of the field, all difficulties will be readily solved.

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