Product Description

Scissor lift is widely used professional aerial work platform with high stability and bearing capacity. This hydraulic work table has scissors mechanical structure and big work platform, so it is suit for higher places with more people, which is more effective and safer.

Scissor platform lifts are classified as: fixed scissor lifting table, mobile scissor lift table, vehicle scissor lift, self lift scissor hydraulic lifting platform, pull-type scissor work platform and scissor cargo lift freight elevator.

scissor-lift hydraulic-scissor-platform-lift
Scissor-hydraulic-lift Hydraulic-scissor-platform-lift

Features of Scissor Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic work table is made by high strength steel.

Scissor lift table has protectors to avoid overload.

Scissor table lift will down load slowly by itself when the power is off.

The power supply can be chose according to different situation, such as three phase AC power supply, single phase AC power supply, and DC power supply.

The scissor platform lifts have both electric scissors lift and manual scissors lift, so they can work without power source.

Vehicle lift can add telescopic platform to be more effective.

Hydraulic table lift can choose solid tires or pneumatic tires.

Applications of Hydraulic Scissor Platform Lift

Scissor elevators are suitable for air port passenger terminal, station, dock, supermarket, gymnasium, factory and mine workshop to do large scale continue ground work.

Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. is professional scissor lift manufacturer, which can supply various customized scissor lifts according to occasions, like hydraulic lift stage, rail lift cargo elevator, hydraulic lifts for truck, hydraulic car lift, manual lift table, electric table lift, stationary lift table, mobile scissor lift cart, portable scissor lift table, dock scissor lift, compact scissor lift, scissor lift trolley, double scissor lift table, up right scissor lift, small scissor lift cart and post hoist.


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