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What is a gantry crane
You may have seen such a lifting device in factories or port: it has big structure and looks like a big gate. It is called gantry crane. Then what is a gantry crane?
Gantry crane is a transformation of overhead crane, as known as portal crane. It is mostly used in freight yard, material site and bulk lifting and unloading. It has structure looks like gate frame. Under the main beam there are two legs which could travel on the rails. There could be cantilever beam at both ends of the main beam.
The gantry crane could be divided into two types according to the main beam: single beam gantry crane and double beam gantry crane. Check out the gantry crane plans. The gantry crane mainly consists of cylindrical wheels, bumper, block brake, wire rope, hook, cab, reducer, pulley, drum, motor and electric control equipment.
The gantry crane has advantage of high space utilization ratio, big work range and great versatility. It is widely used in port and freight yard. 

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