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Truck mounted scissor lift

This product is a car battery or car modified by aerial work platform, platform utilizes DC powder or vehicle power-driven lifting platform vehicle walking function of aerial work platform can have better flexibility and mobility, so that high-altitude operations more efficient, able to adapt to a wider range, the greater mobility of aerial work platform.

Truck-mounted scissor lift uses a variety of car chassis strengthening platform, use the default of the power, on the gearbox output drive pump to operate, without external power, flexible operation is simple, convenient movement, strong maneuverability and large work scope.


Truck mounted scissor lift is divided into: automotive shear fork lift platform, aluminum alloy lift platform, vehicle-mounted folding boom lift platform. Truck mounted scissor lift is widely used in hotels, buildings, airports, railway stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses and other places of aerial work; As a temporary high altitude, lighting, advertising, etc.

truck-mounted-scissor-lift truck-scissor-lift

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