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The developement of chinese crane industry 
Chinese crane industry is experiencing a remarkable development. It goes through a high growth and plummet at the same time, which is also facing intensely international and domestic challenges of the financial crisis.The so-called polarization refers to cranes’ expansion with respect to its large-scaling and miniaturization.In recent years, chinese crane industry has a large and  prominent leap as to the overall development of chinese construction machinery. On the bauma China, held in 2012 last year , Zoomlion showed the world's largest tonnage of terrain crane, which also created the first record in the world about the lifting capacity,  jib length, load-following capacity.Chinese another two construction machinery giant launched crawler cranes of lifting capacity of 3000 tons.Chinese construction machinery is particularly noticeable in the development of large crane. Miniaturization trends largely show crane brands. Komatsu has introduced "mini" model cranes, which put highway capacity and special telescopic frame technology togeter.

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