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Stationary scissor lift platforms installation

Stationary scissor lift platforms installation
Stationary scissor lift platforms installation includes inspecting pit before installation and platform lift installation steps. Scissor platform generally needs to be installed in pit or on the ground. To ensure the proper installation and normal operation of lifting platforms equipment, industrial lift tables should be installed according to the steps of instructions and requirements.

Inspecting pit before installation
Check whether the pit sizes meet the design requirements, whether pit wall is vertical, and whether the bottom is perpendicular to the hole of the second floor. Make sure all above are meet to requests before put into the vertical lifting equipment.

Platform lift installation steps
Preparation: there are preparations to hoist platform. There are lifting hooks on the bottom, which are easy for lifting the material handling tables; be careful not to bump the lifting table equipment, and be stable in the lifting process to prevent hydraulic oil in fuel tank from spilling out.

See if the fixed lifting platform is horizontal when put down. Stationary lift table can be adjusted by putting backing plate if there is a slight tilt. Check whether stationary lifting platform is in center of the pit, and the space between scissor type lifting table edge and pit wall should be the same.

Welding is after well put down the aerial lift equipment. Weld firmly the contact parts between hydraulic scissor table base and embedded inserts in pit.

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