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Stationary lifting platform operation manual

Stationary lifting platform operation manual

1.Hydraulic stationary lift platform (platform in short) has been checked before leaving the factory. All technical indexes satisfied the designed requirements. Connect the power only when use it and hydraulic system do not need adjust.

2.Check the hydraulic and electric system of platform carefully before use. Make sure it has no leakage and uncovered.

3.If the stationary lifting platform does not at service for a long time, run it without goods 1-3 times before loading materials.

4.The loading materials should best be put on the center of the work table.

5.Doors of the protective fence should be locked before work.

6.If the stationary lift platform has guide device, check the guide mechanism first before lifting operation.

7.Put the motor button first the lifting button when get work. Stop button can be pressed at anytime and the platform can stop automatically when get the highest or lowest point.

Hydraulic lifting platform manufactured by Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is a versatile aerial work platform, which can send workers and materials to designated height. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, large halls, warehouses, railway stations, squares, and so on.


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