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Stationary hydraulic lift platform

Hydraulic lift platform can be divided into: four-wheel mobile, two rounds of traction, stationary hydraulic lift platform, scissor hydraulic lift platform; The height range from 4 m to 18 m. This series product load from 0.1 ton to 0.8 ton, it also can be customized according to user requirements, the load can be up to 10 tons.

Hydraulic lift platform realizes the lifting function by hydraulic oil pressure transmission. Its mechanical structure make the elevator hoisting stabilize, wide operating platform and high bearing capacity make the area of aerial work have a big room so that many people work at the same time. It makes the work has a high efficient and more security.

Stationary hydraulic lift table is mainly used in the station, wharf, warehouse and other places, etc. It isn’t especially suitable for the ground of long-term loading and unloading of institution; stationary hydraulic lift table and forklift trucks, hand push carrier will make your work efficiency greatly improve, the shear fork arm adopts box-type structure, safety coefficient is higher than the average value.

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