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Stage lift

The stage lift is one of the most wide uses device in the stage machinery audience equipment, professional opera and dance drama theatre are equipped with a large number of various types of lifts even some turntable, theatre, drum turntable with different specifications lifting platform or lift blocks. Many internationally renowned concert hall is equipped with a lifting platform for band, choir or large musical instruments. Some a small theater, in order to achieve the change in the form of the stage, the entire audience covered with the design of the lifting platform according to modulus.

Stage lift characteristics:
1. Hydraulic lifting platform compact and stable structure, continuous operation and can be adapted to a high frequency.
2. Lifting a high degree of stability, smooth large-tonnage cargo lift.
3. Hydraulic lifting platform with anti attached hydraulic overload safety protection system, to protect the safe operation of.
4. Hydraulic lifting platform roller, ball, dial countertops arbitrary configuration requirements to meet different working conditions.


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