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Stacker reclaimer for sale

Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer generally used PLC and frequency converter speed control, hydraulic drive, the network control technology. Its production capacity significantly increased, machine moulding is improved. There is a great demand in the international market for bucket wheel stacker reclaimer.

With the rapid development of modern industry, bucket wheel material piling and taking have occupies the important position in the international and domestic market early as bulk blending equipment, become an indispensable job in the middle of the automation equipment. Today, ports, mining, metallurgy, building materials, such as large and medium-sized homework raw materials facilities are equipped with advanced efficient bucket wheel stacker reclaimer. Related to this is a very important problem of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer of transmission capacity, because the transmission capacity of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is directly related to the size of the enterprise's economic benefit. Domestic bucket wheel stacker reclaimer improve both the production requirement, and it has a very large increase in the quality requirements, at the same time the price of this equipment is relatively reasonable, our bucket wheel stacker reclaimer for sale in domestic and foreign markets.

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