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Hengsheng spider crane for sale

Spider crane is the latest technology lifting product, it save more space than the other large lifting equipment, it can move by itself, even when it walks into the narrow space for indoor lifting operation, it is also more feasible and convenient for the construction.

Spider mini crane has the features of strong structure, light weight, large lifting capacity, safe operation, it can walk through their own institutions, large load vehicle to complete the task in narrow space.

-Power by itself crawler chassis
- Hydraulic support foot can be flexed.
-0.995 ~ 5.0 tons can be choose
- the highest operating at up to 16.8m

- glass installation
- the roof installation
- hanging lifting
- land rescue
- sea hoisting
- mechanical handling
- tunnel operation
- water and gas industries
- maintenance
- electric power construction
- maintenance
- fisheries
- entertainment and movie theaters sign hanging installation

spider-crane mini-crane

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