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Small portable hydraulic crane

Small lifting crane produced by Hengsheng Crane

Our company will launch a new product as a small portable cranes, it is used for cargo lift  as small hydraulic crane, this small portable crane adopts the hydraulic cylinder as a major power, it ensures the machine run absolutely safe by the heavy chain and wire rope. It needn’t pit and machine room, particularly suited to basement, warehouse renovation, new shelves, etc. According to the actual environment, it can be produced. The equipment running smoothly, the operation is simple and reliable, the goods delivery is  convenient and substantial.

1.The microcomputer, PLC control is used in the control system.
2.The cold draw T slideway was used in slideway.
3.Capsules, hall door, door cover, summon all adopt the hairline stainless steel panel.
4.The layers of the door install locking device, it has double safety protection.
5.The outside ladder has floor indicator, opening and closing status indicator, reach indicator, etc.

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