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Small Cranes For Sale

Small crane for sale by Hengsheng Crane

The small crane produced by Henan includes: electric hoist, winch, hydraulic lift, folding lift, engine crane and spider crane.

The electric hoists have: wire rope electric hoist, chain electric hoist, chain lever hoist and pneumatic hoist.

Winches have manual winch and electric winch, electric winch is popular now. It can be used alone, it also can lift and drag weight  in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining, port and others as road construction and mine machinery components.

Lift platform is a kind of multifunctional crane loading and unloading machinery and equipment, lift platform lifting system, it is to rely on hydraulic drive. It makes the work high above the more efficient, safe and more security.

Small crane is more convenient and safe, the price will be relatively cheap. Small crane for sale of Hengsheng crane, if you lift some weight, small crane will be a right choice.

We are professional crane manufacturer, Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd also will provide every customer with the best products and services.

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