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Single scissor hydraulic platform trolley

Single scissor hydraulic platform trolley is a small lifting tool, mainly used for lifting, handling, display, and transporting small valuable items in limited space. The hydraulic cart has good appearance, firm structure, long service life and best performance, stable and reliable.

At present the main lifting equipment is driven by hydraulic for its small size and easy to move. Scissor table cart is widely used in logistics, warehouse management, library, supermarket, and ordinary small equipment manufacturing. Hydraulic platform vehicle is made of high strength steel with reasonable design structure, built-in safety valve, and sealed cylinder, easy to operate, safe, stable and reliable. The hydraulic pump has unique design for easy loading and unloading operation line on an ideal height; and the unique ergonomic design is comfortable for operator. It can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity and it can also be modified for lifting heavy objects.

Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd., is a famous factory in China for manufacturing and exporting various lifting devices, especially hydraulic scissor lift. High quality, low price and best service!

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