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Self propelled scissor lift

Self propelled scissor lift is able to work at different height with any speed. It’s easy to operate the platform in the air. The scissor lifter can move up and down, back and forth, and turn around continuously. This product adopts high quality structure steel and advanced hydraulic system. Lifting platform is equipped with alert devices like safety alarm instrument, balance valve, and automatic security board. Height and load can be both customized which greatly extends work range. This self-propelled lifter is suitable for workshop, airport, and park which needs to high-altitude operations.

The warranty instruction is as follows:

⇒ Manufacturer warranty period is one year.

⇒ Warranty period is from date of delivery.

⇒ Please well keep the warranty card and certificate, present them when repair the equipment.

⇒ Quality problems are free to maintain during the warranty period.

⇒ Mechanical failures due to improper use or storage, does not belong to the scope of free warranty.

⇒ Please contact our after-sales service department when a fault occurs


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