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Scissor lift table

Scissor lift table is made by high strength steel, and it has reasonable structure, including built-in safety valve and fully sealed cylinder. Scissor lift table’s hydraulic lift system is a manual operation. With nylon guide wheels save the operator's manual, and protect the load sheave wheel and pallet truck. It has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation.

Scissor lift table is widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, depots garden tub loading and unloading, handling, stacking. Scissor lift table can greatly improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity, it can also be converted for handling, lifting heavy objects, is a new multi-purpose landing ideal handling machinery.

Features of Manual scissor lift table
* Suitable for long distance transportation
* Can add pedal and protection devices
* Weight is lighter, the pump is simple
* Unique caster design to ensure your safety
* Ergonomic handle design makes the operator operated comfortablely

Hydraulic cart solves the problem of hauling equipments on a small scale, and improves the storage efficiency of the firm. At the same time, it can reduce material handling costs.

Scissor lift table has become one of the most popular small material handling, storage equipment.

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