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Rubber tyre gantry crane


Rubber-tyred gantry crane (formerly gantry crane) is a large specialized and special-purpose machinery for containers yard, loading and unloading containers. It not only applies to port container yard, but also applies to the container yard, which is a industrial crane

The car running mechanical rack type can be used or biaxial, single shaft drive, smooth operation. Under the car frame is equipped with cab, the driver in the cab to manipulate the whole crane operation.

Rubber tyre gantry crane using ac or dc speed regulating system, has the very good speed regulation and constant power control, according to the weight of different regulating speed automatically.

Safety facilities is equipped with overload protection, diesel engine over speed protection, water temperature is too high and too lower oil pressure signal devices, and wind speed indicator, typhoon anchor device, emergency stop button and institutions limit switch and indicator, etc.

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