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Professional lifting equipment manufacture-Henan Hengsheng crane Co., Ltd.

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Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. has been designing, manufacturing and installing scissor lifts, hydraulic carts, lifting table, freight elevators, hydraulic platform, boom lifts, lift trucks and customized lifting equipment for more than thirty years.
Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. also manufactures hoists products and small cranes. Main products are electric chain hoist, manual chain block, electric wire rope hoist, lever hoist, extra-low headroom hoist, jib crane and spider cranes.
Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. has already exported lifting products to over 20 countries and established many foreign branches, including Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, Thailand, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

All Hengsheng products provide 2 years warranty. They are fully registered and certified with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. What’s more, all lifting tools are environmentally friendly.

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Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. is eagerly waiting to answer all your questions about hydraulic carts, material lifts, scissor lift tables, vertical rail lifts and freight elevators.

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