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Problems easy to ignore in the maintenance process of hydraulic scissor lift

Hydraulic lift has many advantages in the area of aerial work. Because of the interaction between components, wear is inevitable. So, maintenance is an indispensable step in the use of hydraulic lift platform.

Problems easy to ignore in the maintenance process are as follows:

1. Pay attention to cut off the power
After the work is completed, many operators began to maintain the machine immediately, But, they forget the dangers of live maintenance, Especially , 380 volts alternating current is used in many applications. So, we should cut off the power before we start to maintain the machine.

2. Pay attention to the codes of conduct
It is strictly prohibited to put the hands or other body parts between the platform gap in the maintenance process. This is a very dangerous accident.

3. Pay attention to the record
It is a good habit to record on time. Not only let us know the performance of the equipment at different times, but also easy to diagnose problems in different stages.


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