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Price of chain blocks

With the development of science and technology, China has entered a new period. A lot of industry are booming at the same time, the demand for lifting equipment has also increased. Lifting product users pay close attention to the safety in use. On product design, Hengsheng machinery introduce and absorb advanced international design concept. And by the only manual gourd professional technology institute of experts led by design, it is a domestic lever hoist security model in the industry. We at low price chain blocks and good product quality win more customer recognition at home and abroad; Due to the widely use of chain block and more manufacturers, the price of chain blocks are lower than before. So the price of chain block are lower in this year in China manufacture.

Chain block shell are all alloy, material is qualitative light, according to international standard production, which is strong and durable. Chain, prow, gear deal with special processing and passed the ISO quality system authentication. Chain block adopts the pediment arch, this not only saves space, and internal structure is more closer, between the internal structure of gear gap is not too large that affect use.

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