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Precautions for use mobile lift table

Mobile lifter is a kind of aerial work platform which has been applied in many places, and most of the users is using in outdoor, as we all know outdoor environment changes at any time, under the condition of normal use in sunny weather, there is no problem, if there is a large wind situation what we should pay attention to ?

Today I'll give you about the considerations of using
mobile lifter in outdoor.

1. The amount of deflection of the mobile lift, when use mobile hydraulic lift platform and hydraulic lift platform, the height is higher, shaking is stronger, it must be used Security cable when the job height over 6 meters.

2. The deadweight of mobile lift, the loading of hydraulic lift platform should not exceed its rated load, when the elevator up to a certain height is the object moving with a higher quality of ascension.

3. The use of hydraulic lift platform and mobile lifter in outdoors, it will be stopped when wind power more than 5 ; Lifting height more than 6 m, when used to pull the four corners of the lift platform, the wind rope tight fixed, leg to strengthen protection, to strengthen the stability and avoid safety accidents.

Although there is a protective measures, but we still recommended that you use mobile lifter in no wind to ensure the safety of personnel.

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