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Overhead motor hoist
In general, the overhead motor hoist is installed in the overhead crane. The overhead hoist is consist of motor, transportation part and drum or chains. The motor hoist could be divided in to wire rope electric hoist or electric chain hoist. The wire rope motor hoist has two types: constant speed or dual speed. While the electric chain hoist could be imported or domestic.
The wire rope motor hoist has integrated design, the motor are built in the hoist. It has features that it is very easy to operate and has protection device. It could lift very heavy things and widely used.
Not like the wire rope motor hoist, the chain motor hoist is small-sized, it has compact design. Like the manual chain hoist, the chain motor hoist is very convenient to operate. Besides, since it is electrical, it is faster and more reliable. Compact structure, light weight, small size, all these features makes it also widely used in many place.
Wire rope motor hoist and chain motor hoist both are widely used. They have different features, you can choose either one for your work needs.

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