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Notices of lift platform

Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is professional hydraulic work table manufacture.

The notices of lift platforms are as follows:

1. If the motor run but platform does not lift, it maybe motor run reverse, just change two lines of the three power lines arbitrarily.

2. Work table should remain horizontal when in use.

3. No one is allowed stand under the platform when lifting or stopping in high place.

4. No one is allowed climbing when platform is in lifting process.

5. Do not adjust the hydraulic valve without permission.

6. No overloading. All materials put on the work platform should keep stable and safe.

7. Hydraulic oil should be clean without water or other impurities.

8. When the platform is out of order promptly cut off power for maintenance.

9. Platform should be raised up and well supported before repair.

10.If large malfunction occurs, ask the factory for help promptly.

11.Do not use on a slope.

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