• 272016-02

    Free standing hoist-semi gantry crane

    Semi-gantry crane is a free standing hoist, semi-gantry crane is divided into 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons.more

  • 182016-02

    Crane jib

    Crane jib is a new generation of light lifting equipment which is adapt to modern production, Henan Hengsheng is specializing in Hoisting machinery for many years, the jib crane design conforms with the regulations and user’s require. more

  • 052016-02

    Hoisting device

    we are hoist manufacturer in China, hoisting device market has been expanded, the variety is also constantly updated.more

  • 292016-01

    Rubber-tyred gantry crane

    Rubber-tyred gantry crane (formerly gantry crane) is a large specialized and special-purpose machinery, the rtg crane sketch can tell you the structure of rubber-tyred gantry crane.more

  • 272016-01

    Manual overhead crane

    Overhead crane manual produced by Hengsheng Crane which produced many high technological and professional lifting equipment for many industries.more

  • 152016-01

    Hengsheng hoists & cranes

    Hengsheng crane includes all kinds of hoists and cranes, electric hoists, overhead crane, gantry crane, Hengsheng hoists & cranes ensure good operation of hoisting equipment and realize maximum benefits for our customers.more

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