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Movable hydraulic Lift

The product is movable hydraulic lift. Tire sub-pneumatic tires, solid tires and polyurethane casters. The  platform lift power lift power as the form of a manual or electric 220V, 380V, diesel engine, battery power. Special environment can also be used with imported Italian pump station, explosion –proof pumping stations and explosion–proof electrical appliances. The specification of standard is 4-16meters lifting height and 0.3-1ton capacity. 4 ton hydraulic lift is a another lifter, which use for lift the goods up and down. Specific style can be customized according to customer requirements. Countertops with anti-edge plastic quality pinch or tread plate. The mobile flexible has the Feature of stable lifting and easy operation.

These produce has the common feature: small occupation space and user-friendliness. Movable hydraulic lift a more extensive use of premises, such as factories the workshop overhaul lane, grain depots, airports, gas station, highways stadiums, docks, outdoor power construction, street lighting maintenance and a variety of industries such as construction and decoration.

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