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What should be done before using mobile scissor lift

In order to ensure the use safety of mobile scissor lift, we should check the performance before using the mobile hydraulic lift platform.

The project content as follows:
A The power cord are in good condition;
B The button is valid;
C Pipeline without leakage;
D Each intersection nut of the arm shelves is fastening.

Steps of operation:
A Unfold the legs, and adjust the leg bolt to keep the mobile scissor lift balance, then Lock the positioning pin of legs;
B Open the power supply, we can start to work after the indicator light shine and commissioning once.

Matters need to be attention
A It is forbidden to overload;
B It is forbidden to manned operation without security fence;
C Lift platform cannot be moved in the process of rising or falling;
D Legs must be open when lift platform works
E It is forbidden to make any live working on the lift platform
F We should Stop the machine and check when work pressure is too high
G When wind power is more than 5 level or there has a thunderstorm, the mobile scissor lift should not be used.


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