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MH electric hoist mini gantry crane is suitable for the working level A2-A5, working environment temperature -25-40 ℃, the capacity is 3.2-12.5 tons, spans are 10-22 meters, the effective length is 2.5 to 5.5 m, lifting height is 6-9 meters. To manipulate the main cab can also be used to manipulate the ground control pendant. It is suitable for docks, freight yard, warehouses, construction sites, cement products and small hydropower stations and other field work in open space for lifting transport operations.

MH electric hoist mobile gantry crane structural features:

MH electric hoist mobile gantry crane are consists of frame, (main beam, legs and lower beams, etc.), electric hoist, crane operation mechanism and electronic control part. The body portion has:

1. The main girder adopts box beam or H-shaped steel beam, channel steel welding legs, lower beam adopts steel welding or beams.

2. Electric hoist adopts the advanced technology with the introduction of standard AS electric hoist or domestically developed H-type electric hoist, electric hoist suspend from the main beam bottom flange.

3. The crane traveling mechanism by the electric motor, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic push rod brake, and wheel reducer composition can also be used to run triple mechanism.

4. Lifting, transverse, longitudinal protection or limit switches are having a cushioning device, and a wind rail clamp safety device.

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