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Engine crane

Portable engine crane is consist of power plant and the frame: Power plant is consists of motor, reducer, clutch, brake, rope drum, wire rope and other components. The frame is consist of the screw, nut and Rotating arm, etc.

Hengsheng Co., Ltd. provide 2 ton engine hoist, 3 ton engine crane, small crane, Folding engine crane, used in decoration, installation, moving companies, factories and workshops, repair department, storage warehouse, other industries and households. As well as extensive use of premises, in addition can be installed within households, can also be installed on the roof, you can use hand corner bracket attached to the large-scale project site, it can also be transported in a small gantry crane instead of building works. Engine crane can be installed protective nets, billboards, roof waterproof cast.

* Using pumps, easier work
* High manganese steel thicker body
* Compact, easy to operate
* Use bottom caster wheels and cast iron, mobile and flexible

1. Select the flat, four balanced contact with the ground.
2. Press the extend the boom and tighten the screws.
3. When Lift the heavy, it forbid to stand on the boom.
4. The crane should check whether the hydraulic cylinders is normal
5. It should slowly release the hydraulic valve when fall the heavy.
6. It is strictly prohibited to overload.


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