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Mobile gantry crane

Mobile gantry crane is a small light lifting equipment which use with PK chain hoist or CD, MD type electric hoist, includes aluminum gantry crane, the product structure is lightweight, operation and installation are easy, which is an ideal equipment for repair and installation, solve the stationary crane vulnerable to space constraints weaknesses.

Mobile gantry crane can move freely in the workplace in a smooth human promotion, those where use cranes hanging inconvenient place can be used. It is a ideal equipment for loading, unloading and repair. It can simply dismantle into several easily transportable components, use Local quickly assembled in another, improve work efficiency and save the investment.

1. small footprint;
2. easy installation;
3. shorten handling times,improve work efficiency;
4. accurate positioning,easy operation;
5. cost-effective;
6. the maximum diameter is 25m

Mobile gantry crane and aluminum gantry crane are widely used in the workshop inspection and maintenance, assembly, as small light lifting equipment, which could temporarily replace a large forklift or crane.

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