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Manual overhead crane


It is called manual overhead crane because the operation and hoisting mechanism are all done by workers. It is driven by chain and uses the big chain wheel to save energy. Its travel mechanism, driven by chain wheel, runs on the orbit set up between the workshop columns, and the lifting mechanism is mechanism is manual hoist, the machine has high reliability for it is completely operated by people and does not need electric power, so it is applicable to places difficult to connect electric power supply. In general, its lifting capacity and lifting height are low, and span is shorter compared to the electric bridge crane. Our company can customize the product according to customer’s request.

1.This overhead crane manual is used together with chain hoist as a complete set.
2.The capacity from 1ton to 10 tons. The span from 5m to 14m, the working grade is A1-A3. Working temperature within -20 to +42 centigrade.
3. This overhead crane manual is prohibited to use in the combustible, explosive to corrosives environment.
4. The main beam of manual drive overhead crane, it is made by I-section beam or box frame steel beam.

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