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Manual hydraulic lift can make the operator loading or unloading easier and faster carry the box parts. It does not have to lift, bend or reach out to operate, which just a foot mesa of hydraulic cylinder lifting operation, then expediently take the goods.  There are many hydraulic lift companiesin China, Thai Hydraulic Machinery,Jinlei Industrial Co., Ltd. and Henan Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd.

Feature :
Foot pole and hydraulic system reach the desired position.  
Overload protection device that is called pressure limiting valve automatic control body operates within the scope of the limit load, in order to protect the car body and user security.
Wheels are all made of polyurethane material, resistance to noise.

Application :
Products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, medicine, health care, logistics, storage supermarket, automobile, food, railway, petrochemical, textile and every industry.

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