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MANUAL CHAIN BLOCK is a kind of manual hoist, it’s also called hand chain hoist. It’s a convinient and user-friendly hoisting device, applicable for low weight and used in narrow place. The manual chain block is mainly fixed in a certain place where is enough solid for the load. From shell to inner mechainical parts, all are made by high-quality alloy, mechainical strength is very high, it has also a good durability and a good security. When lifting, the user should pull the chain with clockwise direction; when falling, the user pull it with anticlockwise direction, so the braking pedestal will be separated from braking disc, the rachet wheel should be stable by action of pawl, the long axe drive the rachet wheel with reserse direction, then the load will be dropped down smoothly.

 Manual-chain-block   Manual chain block is a kind of manual hoist, it lever-hoist    Lever hoist mainly include lever chain hoist and lever wire rope hoist.
Manual-chain-block Lever-hoist


Manual Chain Block

Model  Lifting Weight Lifting Height Max. Test Load Max Drawing Force Qty Chains Net Weight
LH-0.5 0.5t 2.5m 0.75t 225N 1 9.5kg
LH-1 1t 2.5m 1.5t 309N 1 10 kg
LH-1.5 1.5t 2.5m 2.25t 343N 1 16kg
LH-2 2t 3m 3t 314N 2 14kg
LH-3 3t 3m 4.5t 343N 2 24kg
LH-5 5t 3m 7.5t 383N 2 36kg
LH-10 10t 3m 12.5t 392N 4 68kg
LH-20 20t 3m 25t 392N 8 155kg


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