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Lifting platform

Scissor lift table is a special hoisting device, which is one of the most widely used lifting equipments, widely used in opera, dance theater, drama theater, there are equipped with a large number of various types of lifting platforms, even in some of the main turret to the Theatre, the drum is also configured with different specifications of lifting platform.

Many internationally renowned concert hall is equipped with a lifting platform for the orchestra, choir or large instrument. Some small experimental theater, the stage in order to achieve change stage form.

★ Scissor lift table has a dual limit switch protection.

★hydraulic lifts provided to a explosion-proof protection hydraulic equipment.

★Our product has leakage protection device.

★ lifting mechanism adopts the high strength manganese rectangular steel pipe.

★the product features has a safety device to prevent the lifting platform overload.

★ hydraulic lifting stage with an emergency lowering device in case of power failure.

★Scissor lift tables are a variety of power options.

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