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Hoist cranes which is suitable for the plant operation


Lifting machinery is a kind of lifting equipment which can move up and lift material, widely used in all types of plant. Because plants is narrow space as well as the factory's own beam structure can be used as a crane's feet, so the practical workshop crane is commonly bridge crane, gantry crane and electric hoist, such as the lifting equipment is very suitable for use in a workshop in the lifting operation.

Bridge crane
Bridge crane hoisting machinery can cross over the frame in the workshop, can run for horizontal, vertical and horizontal load, the lifting of the material. Bridge crane is also called crown, because their ends placed above the metal beams of the concrete column or workshop, the whole machine are in midair.

In the ends of the bridge crane, the installation on the longitudinal rail, can make to the longitudinal mobile crane, which can be better used to bridge the space below the lifting heavy weights, can avoid the obstacle on the ground. Bridge crane is the most widely application scope on the market at present, the largest number of lifting equipment.

Gantry crane

Gantry crane was improved on the basis of bridge crane, can be used in material field outside the plant and other places, to proceed with the loading and unloading of the goods. This kind of crane metal structure to look like a frame in the ends of the girder, respectively have a leg, can load in the orbit of the ground motion, the ends of the girder also has the function of overhanging cantilever beam. Because of the gantry crane space utilization, homework radius is larger and the advantages of good generality, in some ports, widely used in the plant.

Electric hoist

This is one of the most simple lifting equipment, can use alone, also can be used and collocation of door, bridge crane, has small volume, light weight, the advantages of using aspects, common in industrial and mining enterprises, the building material field and so on.

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