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Lift platform trouble clearing method


1. Lowering Valve Does Not Work Correct
Trouble clearing method: press the down button first, and check whether lowering valve is with power. If there is no power, check the power-line immediately, for it is not the problem of lowering valve; if the valve is with power, please clean or change the lowering valve. Lowering valves should be kept clean and lubricated.

2. Speed control valve does not work normally
Trouble clearing method: Adjust the speed control valve, if failed, change a new valve.

3. One-Way Valve
Trouble clearing method: Check the one-way valve, if the sealing surface is dirty, wash it.

4. Lowering Valve Dost Not Well Closed
Trouble clearing method: If lowering valve is with power, please clean or change it. The slide valve must be clean and moving flexible.

5. Cylinder Leakage
Trouble clearing method: Change the seal components of cylinder.


1. Voltage Is Too Low
Trouble clearing method: Check Starter switch, and voltage fluctuation range is ± 10%。

2. Motor Does Not Work
Trouble clearing method: Check motor and circuit.

3. Motor Reversal
Trouble clearing method: Arbitrarily change two phases of the three-phase line.

4. Relief Valve Has Low Pressure
Trouble clearing method: readjust relief valve, under the condition of 100% rated load.

5. The Oil Level Is Too Low, And the Oil Pump Suck Air
Trouble clearing method: Fill up the tank with hydraulic oil.

6. Gas Leak of Oil Suction Pipe
Trouble clearing method: check the oil suction pipes and joints, tighten joints or replace them if necessary.



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