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Lever hoist including lever hoist wire rope and chain lever hoist, it is a new type hoisting machinery product, with the functions of lifting, pulling, tensioning, the whole machine structure design is reasonable, the safety coefficient is high, long service life. Lever hoist is used for factories, mines, construction site, wharf and transportation and so on various occasions, is lifting equipment installation, goods, fixed objects, binding and ideal tool for traction, especially at any Angle traction and narrow at the site, outdoor exercise and without power, more show the superiority of lever hoist.

1. The hoist should be removed after operation, and coated with anti-rust oil, stored in a dry place.
2. Maintenance and repair should be performed by the familiar with hoist mechanism, prevent dismantling the device.
3. Lever hoist after cleaning maintenance, should carry on the no-load test, work is normal, reliable braking, it can consign is used.
4. Brake friction surface must be clean, brake parts should be regularly check, prevent the brake failure causing an accident.

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