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Jib crane for sale


Jib crane for sale is hollow steel structure, light weight, big span, lifting weight, economy is durable.

Column cantilever jib crane is fixed on the base of the column cantilever can be around, or is the cantilever and pillar just answer, together inside the pedestal bearing relative to the center line of the vertical rotating cantilever crane consists of columns and cantilever. It is suitable for lifting weight, operation scope of services for the occasion of round or fan. Picking card and commonly used in machine tools and other artifacts.

The electric hoist and Motion Type
Column cantilever jib crane used chain electric hoist, wire rope electric hoist and hand chain as a domestic small tonnage crane lifting and running mechanism. Rotation and horizontal movement assignments using both manual and electric form.

Jib crane for sale which manufactured by Hengsheng , the quality and price is the best and low in China, we will supply the best service for our customers.

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