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The characteristics and application of jib crane


The jib crane is called the column cantilever crane, pillar jib crane, it is a new type of light lifting equipment. In the post, rotating device, slewing device and closely cooperate with the electric chain hoist, jib crane successfully completed the all kinds of lifting action. Due to the jib crane structure is novel, simple operation, flexible rotation, and the advantages of energy saving high efficient, jib crane has been widely applied in the workshop, dock, line, lifting occasions.


In addition, jib crane with the high reliability of PK type double speed electric chain hoist, possesses the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, easy to repair and is especially suitable for short distance, density and frequent use of lifting operations. But in the use of flashlight door button, paying special attention to the following:
1, The operation is not press the speed button at the same time with the same motor switch button anyway.
2,At work, the jib crane boom is prohibited to stand on.
3, Pulling the heavy that is prohibited.
4, Overload lifting is prohibited.

In order to prevent the jib crane accidents, we must know the jib characteristics and application.

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