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Jib crane is a kind of small and medium-sized lifting equipment. It has electric jib crane and mobile jib crane. And jib crane China has the good quality and cheap price.
Lifting mechanism, operation mechanism, luffing mechanism and rotation mechanism, known as the four institutions of jib crane. Jib crane by institutions of a separate movement or a combination of body movement, to achieve the purpose of handling materials.
Lifting mechanism is used to lift material, it is the main and the most basic institution. As long as there is lifting mechanism, the institution can be called a lifting equipment.
Running mechanism is used to implement the level of handling material. Some of the operation is only used to adjust the jib crane working position.
Luffing mechanism is by changing the length of the boom and elevation to change operation range of institutions.
Rotation mechanism can make the arm frame around the vertical axis of slewing crane slewing motion, can make the slewing crane in the annular space migration of material. The luffing mechanism and the rotating mechanism are work organization of jib crane.

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