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Hydrolic Aerial Work lift
Stationary hydraulic lift table used in a wide range of material lifting equipment. Compact structure, good landing stability, can be adapted to run frequently. Depending on the characteristics, Its function has extensive scalability. If the installation of  flip units, rotary tables, rolled, etc. By changing the table size, load size, lifting range Size may be flexibly combined to  suit the various needs of the hydraulic lifts. In manual control, based on inheritable other automated equipment control, Efficient operation.
1) Application: Products are  mainly used for station elevating work platforms; lift station  installed position of the workpiece;  the  pipeline  material offline; special equipment for loading and unloading; large equipment Lifting; warehouse logistics cargo han dling  and  other places.
2)  Platform: equipped with antiskid plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when works on the platform
3)  OEM Service:  The electric hydraulic scissor lift can be customized as your detailed size.
4)  Warranty: one year warranty for whole machine and 24-hours technical assistance by email, telephone  or other  communication online.
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