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Hydraulik lift capacity


The mobile hydraulic lift can be roughly divided into: traction type, self-propelled, hand push type, aluminum alloy type. Mobile hydraulic lifts have artificial mobile hydraulic lift and electric portable hydraulic lift. A hand pump used for power failure, flexible, steady, easy operation, large capacity, etc. Lifting power is divided into 220 v or 380 v power supply, elevated 4-16 meters Thehydraulic crane capacity is 03.-3 ton,hydraulic lift 3 ton is the most general. It mainly suitable for factories, property management unit, store decoration, construction, decoration, venue pavilion, conference center, etc.

According to different requirements, it can choose different dynamic form (such as: three-phase ac power supply, single-phase ac power supply, dc power and diesel power, etc). With manual hydraulic equipment, it can work as usual in a power outage or no power supply. The adjustable platform can extend to the desired location on the length of the platform, so as to improve the work efficiency. Mobile hydraulic lift is a essential modern equipment for tall building.

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