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Hydraulic lifting platform maintenance

Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is an excellent lifting devices manufacturer, especially competitive in lifting platforms, and all the products can be customized according to requirements of clients. The notes of hydraulic lifting platform maintenance are as follows:

Hydraulic lifting platform maintenance

1. Someone should be specially assigned to operate, repair and maintain the hydraulic equipment regularly.

2. Check the hydraulic system and electric system of platform carefully before use. Make sure it has no leakage and uncovered. Pay attention to abnormal noise and fix it immediately when in use.

3. Hydraulic fluid is generally replaced every six months continuous work. N32 wear resistant and pressure resistant hydraulic oil is used in winter and N46 in summer.

4. Check the lubrication of hinged parts and add oil regularly to prevent dry friction.

5. Regularly check all fittings and fasteners. If loose, fasten them timely.

6. Axis pins and wheel parts should be lubricated periodically, generally add grease every 150 hours, and the oil filling should be complete and get inside of the machine.

7. Chains and rotating parts should be filled with oil once a month to prevent corrosion.

8. Check the sensitivity of switch button and displacement restrictor and the noise of electric motor.

9. Keep foundation pit clean, sweep it every week.

10. Lifting platform should be the lowest position and powered off when finish work or it will not work for a long time.

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