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Hydraulic lifter machine manual

1. Operation personal should check the performance of each part before use, in order to guarantee that hydraulic elevator is in good working state;
2. When connected the power and indicator light is lit, press the up button. If the motor runs but lift table does not rise, it may be three-phase power supply get the reverse direction and motor turns back. Just correct power;
3. Work load of the lifting platform shall be strictly in accordance with the regulations, overloading may cause damage to the workers and goods;
4. Working on the lifting table without safety guard rails, people might fall down and get hurt;
5. Support legs of lifts must be open when working, adjust the support leg bolt to keep the platform steady and horizontal;
6. Do not move the lift during the lifting process,and shaking is strictly prohibited on the lifting table;
7. When there is abnormal noise, the elevator should be immediately stopped and checked to avoid severe damage.

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