Product Description

HYDRAULIC LIFT EQUIPMENT are mainly stage lift, car lift, automatic hydraulic lift, stationary hydraulic lift platform/aerial work platform, articulated boom lift/folding boom arm lift platform, scissor lift table, mechanical scissor lift, upright scissor lift, truck mounted scissor lift, scissor lift trolley and forklift.

As professional hydraulic lift supplier in China, Hengsheng Hoist Crane factory can provide both heavy duty hydraulic lift and light duty small scissor lift equipment like guide rail automotive lift, shear fork automotive lift, fixed scissors lift and mobile scissor lifts. And hydraulic lifting equipment include both electric scissor lift and manual scissor lift.

Rail hydraulic freight elevator is a non-scissor lift hydraulic lifting machine for goods lifting, adopting hydraulic cylinder as major power, drive by heavy chain and wire rope to ensure the safety of machines running. Cargo rail lift is easy to install and maintain, convenient to operate and safety are ensured. These hydraulic lift freight elevators particularly suitable for building with basements, new shelves warehouses and two or three-story factory or restaurant to transport materials between floors. Hengsheng limited company can manufacture depending on the site conditions and customize according to required.

Hengsheng Crane Co., Ltd. can set up the telescoping table, increase the space of operation on the basis of customers' demand, and configure different table forms, power forms, control mode and other additional accessories. Hydraulic lifts made in China is cheap and durable. The scissor lifting tools are in line with different work requirements and operating environment.


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Hydraulic Lift Specification

Type Hydraulic-lift
Capacity (kg) 300-1000
Lifting Height (m) 4-16
Dimension (mm) (1700-2650×1080-1340)
Mating Powder(kw) 2.2-3.0
Total Weight (kg) 660-2800
Max Dimension (kg) 1820-2800×1380-1660×1180-2130


Electric chain fall hoist
Electric wire rope hoist
Come along lever hoist
Manual chain block
Bridge crane
Overhead crane
Jib crane
Gantry crane
Specialized crane
Electric winch
Hydraulic lift
Crawler crane
Mobile engine crane
Overhead manual crane
RTG rubber tyred gantry crane
Scissor lift
Explosion proof air hoist

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