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The operating rules of hydraulic lift tables


Hydraulic lift table is a kind of multifunctional crane for loading and unloading machinery, lifting platform lifting system is to drive rely on hydraulic, the improper operation will bring unnecessary trouble, the correct operating procedures are as follows:

1. Hydraulic lift table have been tested before they go out to debug, various technical indicators have reached the design requirements, only hydraulic power supply is connected when using, electrical system does not need to adjust.
2. Before using, hydraulic lift table should be inspected carefully hydraulic, electrical system, no leakage phenomenon it can be used.
3. When use hydraulic lift table, the four legs should be firmly supported on solid ground.
4. The lift table running no-load operation control for 1-3 times, then it can be used.
5. When using, the oil return valve tighten the knob clockwise direction, push the manual reversing valve handle to the middle position starting motor make the system work, and then pull the reversing handle to the lifting position, since the platform up to the required height again pushed the reversing handle to the neutral position, lift platform stopped rising, at the same time to shut down the motor, can work falls, loosen the oil return valve (counterclockwise) platform, relying on gravity can be decreased.


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