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Practice for use of mobile scissor lift

1. Must check whether the hydraulic lift table has normal maintenanc before using.

2. Must be sure that the hydraulic lift is parked on a solid ground before operation.

3. Must use the supplied ladder, foot or pad when entering the working bucket.

4. The operator must wear protective equipment as specified in the safety specification.

5. The equipment used by the operator must conform to the safety standard.

6. In the operation of the equipment must be confirmed without traffic interference, around the obstruction or high pressure line interference.

7. Be sure to keep a certain distance from hydraulic scissor lift.

8. No person standing in the underneath of the lifting arm.

9. Control valve handle must be operated slowly, and prevent start or stop suddenly.

10. Prohibit the use of a working bucket from one side to pull the objects.

11. No overloading.

12. Don't stand on the edge of the bucket.

13. Do not place the ladder on the working bucket, in order to increase the working bucket height.

14. Do not move the vehicles if someone is working in a bucket, otherwise, it will be possible to cause personal injury and death.

15. The arms and legs must be in a normal state of contraction when the device is running.

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