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Hydraulic Lift System Schematics

Henan HengSheng crane Co., Ltd. is famous hydraulic lift manufacturer in China. Email: Here are the hydraulic lift system schematics.
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01hydraulic cylinder     02 bleed hole   03 o-ring           04 filler hole 
05M6 bolt             06 oil filter    07 oil suction pipe    08 gear pump 
09gear pump bolt   10 gear pump seals            11 hydraulic cylinder seals 
12oil return pipe   13 integration valve block      14 coupling 
15no-return valve   16 no-return valve seals        17 normally closed valve 
17anormally closed valve spool             17b normally closed valve coil
17cnormally closed valve nut               17d coil pin of normally closed valve 
18sealing washer of normally closed valve         19 emergency bolt 
20emergency bolt gasket                  21 pressure regulating valve 
22sealing washer of pressure regulating valve   23 flow speed control valve
24sealing washer of flow speed control valve     25 electrical machine 
26washer of M8 bolt                      27 M8 bolt
Electrical schematics

①           Up control button
②     down control button
③   Public line
④   UP Limit switch
⑤   solenoid valve
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