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Hydraulic lift safety data

There are hydraulic lift safety data for materials of lifting platform. Follows are requirement standard of one customer.

All components, piping and joints should have no leakage. There should be safety devices to prevent platform descending when dynamic or oil-circuit out of order. Lifting platform with maximum capacity stopping at any height within the lifting stroke, the descending volume within 20min should not be more than 10mm. No burning through or cracks. Welding seam should be continuous and ripples should be uniform. Welding slag and overlap are not allowed on weld seam. To elevating mechanism platform should be stable without jumping. All parts work well without block and noise. Minimum distance between mast and table or base border is 50mm. Minimum clearance of adjacent fork arm is 30mm. The load bearing element should has no permanent deformation or cracks, when platform lift up and down 100 times with Max lifting weight placed on a horizontal place. Electrical equipment should be installed closed to prevent rain and water entering. Electrical components must not be contact with water, and to ensure that they will not be accidentally touched during normal operation. Non-metal wire should be all connected to ground. Wire should be covered with insulating tube when lead through the metal holes. The paint should be smooth, and must have good adhesion with metal. Bubbles, cracks, wrinkle, pits, exposed undercoat and sagging are not allowed. There is protective rail or other protective device around the platform. Platform door could not be open outwards, and the platform is equipped with ladder to go up and down. Ladder treads and table surface are antiskid.

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